Ordinary creativity is the focus of this project. Students in Renee Hobbs' COM 250 Digital and Media Literacy (Spring 2020) documented and analyzed one example of a YouTuber, Instagrammer, TikTokker, or another individual who has embraced the identity of a digital author. They deconstruct and analyze the choices they make and discover what aspects of their work are most appreciated by their target audiences. To share ideas, each student creates a screencast analysis video that gives insight on this individual's work by applying the critical questions and key concepts of digital and media literacy. They aim to offer critical insight on the ways in which ordinary creativity is expressed by digital authors who share content on digital platforms. Learn more about the assignment criteria for evaluation here.

DUE: March 6, 2020

Samantha Aguiar - Slick Woods

Christy Capek - Keaton Milburn

Emma Cohen - David Dobrik

Joe DeLeone - Chris Smoove

Colleen Donahue - Whitney Simmons

Karina Costello - Charlie D'Amelio

Meaghan Fournier - Try Guys

Brandon Ginnetti - Evan Centopani

Jason Gwozdz - VSauce

Isabelle Kiritsy - Ladylike

Cassandra Krue - Dude Perfect

Megan Magee - Aspyn Ovard

Caroline Morganelli - Tana Mongeau

Carly Nasznic - Maggie MacDonald

Sydney Pellerin - Jenna Marbles